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HOW TO #2!

So for todays "How To?" it's pretty simple, at least I think, but it could be a little complicated for some.

We're going to make a fashion icon, but make it a little more modest and at the same time give it a vintage feel.

We'll start with this image:
[click for bigger image]

Step 1
Crop and resize the image to fit width: 100pixles X height: 100pixles.

Steph 2
Change the image to CMYK color.
Adjust the curves, taking out only Cyan. Pull from the middle and down one half square.
Image > Adjustments > Curves... or Ctrl + M

Step 3
Now use the burn tool - DON'T OVER DO IT! Make sure your burn tool is at "17%" Exposure and your Range is set to "Shadows"

Steph 4
Now comes the part where you have to use your creative brain and judgement. You're going to take your paint brush and actually draw in the sleave.
Create a new layer and click on your brush tool.
Gathering the color you will need by using the Eyedrop Tool (I) which is "1c0001" draw in the sleave on the new layer.

Step 5
Now you can add all that fancy junk.

Step 6

You're done. I went over the curves again just to take a little more cyan out. But you don't have to. I just wanted it to have a little more magenta. You don't need to if you don't want to.
But there you go!
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