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How To!

wizard_icontest was having a contest where we were to make an icon of a character from Harry Potter that wasn't cast in the movies yet. I chose to use Tonks as my subject. The icon won Mod's Choice :D

I used images from Harry Potter 3 and of me ;) from photoshoots with my band.

I'll teach you how to make it now:

take this image and crop it to look like this:

Image hosted by

Next create a new layer and color the hair with #ff0084. Bring down the opacity to "41%"

Image hosted by

Next take this image and crop it to look like this:
Image hosted by

Next, play with the curves to color correct the image...
Image > Mode > CMYK Color
Image > Adjustments > Curves

When your image looks like this stop:
Image hosted by

Now resize the image to width: 135 pixles and heigth: 187
Image hosted by

Now make a new blank image and move both of these images together.

Image hosted by

Play with the brightness/contrast a bit. DONT OVER DO IT!!
close the eye on your Lupin layer and create a layer mask on your "Tonks". Once you've done this get rid of the background. Do this also to your Lupin layer.

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Enough with the manip, Now here comes the icon fun!

Create an icon 100x100pixles at 72dpi

place this as the background:

hogwarts school view
Image hosted by

Now highlight both layers of your Lupin and "Tonks" and move them over to your new icon. DONT RESIZE THEM.
Image hosted by

Now using your brightness/contrast move the brightness back on "Tonks" and Lupin a bit so it'll match the shadows the "sun" should create on your image... or until it looks perdy with a nice little mist. Use the burn tool for shadows in "Tonk's" and Lupin's hair and face. Use the sharpen tool on Lupin's eyes a bit so they don't look so blury.

When you feel that the image is to your liking; Add your text and then add a new layer for teenie brush text:
Image hosted by Image hosted by

Then create your last layer: for your border
Image hosted by

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